Terms & Conditions

We hate ‘legalese’… it’s designed to be confusing and we just don’t like it. Below we outline plain and simple how we operate and how the business transactions on our site work.

  1. Crowd Carnivore connects meat eaters with meat producers on a mutually beneficial platform. The meat you receive is direct from the farmer, we don’t buy and re-package or re-brand or re-sell any meat ourselves. We think it’s important for the farmers to maintain their own brand.
  2. As we don’t buy any meat, we don’t handle any meat either. Delivery of your meat is direct from the butcher to your doorstep in food safety approved refrigerated vehicles. No third party handlers will get between you and your meat!
  3. Each pledge and subsequent money transaction charged to your card is directly between you, the member, and the producer (farmer/butcher).
  4. We go to great lengths to work with only the finest quality producers, but in the unlikely instance that there are issues with your purchase, this is directly between you, the member, and them, the producer.
  5. If you have any problems with your meat or your delivery we will be happy to help connect you with your producer and mediate any dispute.
  6. If you have any issues with the money transaction or charging of your card, we will resolve the issue with you and our third party secure payment gateway, Pin Payments.
  7. We do make a small percentage for the work we do connecting the farmer to you. But really, we do this for the pleasure of personally taste testing our way through the best beef that Australia has to offer!
  8. We’re confident you’ll love our platform and enjoy your grass fed beef and lamb. Unless you’re a vegan.