Private Campaigns

Think you have enough people interested in grass fed meat that you can run a campaign just for yourselves? Excellent!

Our platform supports Private Club Campaigns… and the good news is that you can save even more money on your premium quality mixed boxes. Some examples of groups who use our Private Campaigns include:

  • places of work
  • gyms and fitness centres
  • social clubs
  • large families
  • friendly neighborhoods

Just like our public club campaigns, there are are a minimum number of boxes which have to be pledged for in order for the campaign to succeed, but you have the advantage of internal communication to let members know about it!

We can offer discounts for private club campaigns  if there is a single point of delivery eg: your gym building, workplace or one neighbourhood address.

If you think your tribe has enough hungry carnivores to fulfill a private campaign, then give us a shout using our contact page!