How It Works

Buying restaurant quality grass fed beef from local farmers has never been easier!

Crowd Carnivore is a unique crowd funding platform that brings together individuals, families, friends, work colleagues, gym members… anyone who loves to eat great tasting grass fed beef and lamb. By combining everyone’s pledges into a single order, our online clubs can purchase an entire yearling steer or lamb directly from the producer. This ensures that you are getting a great price for your grass fed beef and lamb, while making sure the farmers are getting top dollar for their efforts… and by keeping it as local as possible you are keeping the money in the community and out of the pockets of the Big Two super markets!


From paddock to plate in 6 easy steps!

How It Works

1. Browse available club campaigns in your area.

Type your post code into the search area at the top of every page and check to see if we currently have a club running with a grass fed beef or lamb farmer in your area. We currently have campaigns running in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, Canberra and ACT, Melbourne and much of rural Victoria.

2. Select which mixed boxes of beef or lamb you would like to buy.

Each beef campaign consists of up to 24 mixed boxes of premium restaurant quality grass fed beef cuts plus premium mince, sausages and broth bones (or 1/2 lambs). What’s included in each box can change with the season, so check them out and select the box you would like to pledge for.

3. Join the club campaign by pledging for one or more boxes.

Once you have selected your box(es), fill out your delivery and payment details and complete your pledge. Your credit card will only be charged if the campaign is successful.

4. Share it! The more people you tell, the faster the campaign is won!

The best way to make sure your campaign is successful (and get your grass fed beef or lamb delivered to your door) is to share share share. The more people who know about the campaign the better the chance its success. Remember all available boxes need to be pledged for in order to complete the campaign.

5. If your campaign is successful, your boxes will be delivered. Free!

If all boxes are pledged for, your grass fed yearling steer or lamb is purchased from the farmer and expertly aged before being packed and delivered by cool truck. This whole process can take up to two to three weeks. 

6. Enjoy your premium grass fed beef or lamb with friends and family!

Roasts, BBQs, stirfry and burgers await you… and you can rest assured that you and your friends and family are eating the highest quality grass fed, pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free beef and lamb available. Congratulation on your purchase!

Bon appetit!

Go on then. Sign me up!