What is Crowd Carnivore?

Crowd Carnivore is a unique online platform that connects people who eat meat with farmers and butchers who provide meat. Using crowdfunding methods, users can join club campaigns to buy a mixed box of grassfed beef or lamb.


Why buy my meat through a crowdfunding platform?

By creating groups of buyers (clubs), we can purchase the whole animal directly from the producer at a better cost, passing that value on to you so you can buy your premium grass fed beef and lamb at less than retail price. As a comparison, if you wanted to get a similar price for beef you would have to buy 200kgs at a time! Our platform allows a more manageable buy-in amount (eg: 8kg of beef).

Furthermore, by buying directly from the producer you are supporting local farms and butchers rather than giving your money to the Big Two supermarkets. Because we only partner with producers who use ethical, sustainable, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free farming methods, you are also supporting better food, better animal welfare and ultimately a better future for Australia!


What are your delivery areas?

We only work with the best farmers and butchers available in an area. This process takes time. We are constantly expanding our delivery area. We currently deliver to Sydney and the whole Central and South Coast from Newcastle to Wollongong plus Southern Highlands. We deliver to all of metro Melbourne and much of rural Victoria. We also deliver to the Far South Coast and ACT.


Why do your mixed boxes contain bones and cuts I’m not familiar with?

Buying a whole animal ‘on the rail’ is a different way to buy meat. The animal is weighed and sold before the butcher breaks it down into individual cuts – and a Crowd Carnivore club campaign purchases the whole thing, bones and all.

Families in rural communities often buy meat this way. Conversely, when you buy meat at a supermarket, you are only looking at premium and standard cuts of meat. These have been selected because they sell well. When you purchase a whole animal, there are other cuts like Osso Bucco, Skirt Steak and Gravy Beef which you may not be as familiar with. These cuts have been used for many generations before supermarkets existed and there are many great recipes for them. You can learn more about all of our cuts here.

Bones are great to cook with! Many low carb and paleo followers use bones to create a nutritious, protein rich and very tasty Bone Broth (here’s a recipe). If you don’t want to use your bones, you can give them to a pet :)


Why do I have to wait two to three weeks for my meat after my Club Campaign is successful?

Each animal is purchased directly from the producer once a campaign has succeeded (all boxes pledged for). It takes up to three weeks to correctly age, process and deliver your mixed box to your door.


If I pledge, am I guaranteed to receive my mixed box?

No. Just like all crowd funding opportunities, the system works by gathering a group of people together to collectively fund something. If we can’t buy the whole animal from the producer, we can’t deliver the campaign. Therefore all of the available mixed boxes must be pledged for in order for the club campaign to be successful and for you to get your delivery.

If you have pledged for a campaign that is unsuccessful, you will have the opportunity to join the very next campaign :)


If a Club Campaign is unsuccessful, am I still charged?

No. You are only charged if your club campaign is successful (all boxes have been pledged for).


How much room do I need in my refrigerator / freezer?

Each box contains a minimum of 7-8kg. We find this fits into a 17L cooler bag – not counting broth bones. Broth bones should be used fresh or frozen straight away (here is a recipe). Your average fridge / freezer combo will hold at least 50L, which is more than enough to hold one box of meat, perhaps even two!


How is my mixed box delivered?

Your mixed box will be delivered by a refrigerated vehicle licensed for food transport. The meat comes vacuum packed to extend the shelf life in your fridge, and so that it freezes better, too. As vacuum packed meat is in an oxygen depleted environment, you may experience a confinement odour when you open the packaging. Meat will continue to age in vacuum packaging, which means the meat will be tender and juicy. Let the meat stand at room temperature for 10 minutes for your meat to regain its natural smell and colour. 


What if I am not home to receive my delivery?

Your delivery courier will attempt to contact you about delivery options. It is always preferable to deliver while someone is home so your meat can go directly into a refrigerator. You may be able to work out an agreement with your courier to leave the mixed box at your unattended delivery address. We highly recommend leaving out an esky large enough and filled with ice-bricks.


I have enough other people interested in pledging that I would like to run my own private Club Campaign. Can I do that?

Yes. If you have a group of friends, family, office workers, gym members etc. who are all interested in collectively buying a whole animal we can set up a private campaign for you. If there is a single delivery address we can also give discounts on shipping.


One mixed box is too much meat for me, can I share a pledge with someone else?

A mixed box is the smallest division of a whole animal that we can offer for a single pledge. We suggest finding a friend or family member to share the meat within a single mixed box, but one of you will still have to pledge. You can divide the box among yourselves after delivery.


Do you store my credit card and private information?

We do not store any credit card information on our servers. Each transaction is between the buyer and the producer through a trusted third party payment gateway. We do store delivery information for each user, but we do not share this information with any third party companies other than the delivery courier.


I have an issue with my meat. What can I do about that?

We go to great efforts to only partner with Australia’s best quality farmers and butchers. We don’t anticipate any problem with your mixed boxes. As all transactions are directly between the buyer and the producer, any issues with a delivery are also between the buyer and the producer. Crowd Carnivore is committed to help facilitate any communication and aid in speedy conflict resolution between our users and our producers.

I am a producer how do I get on board?

The first step to working with Crowd Carnivore as a producer is to fill out this form. Our priority is to only work with only the best producers, our platform is 100% a meritocracy. If you have a history, a great story to tell, have some experience good or bad with direct marketing and have a focus on your landscape, increasing the organic matter in your soil, biodiversity and are fully grassfed and finished, please get in contact with us.