Crowd Carnivore is a unique crowdfunding platform that allows users to join buying clubs in order to purchase local grass fed beef and lamb directly from farmers. Delivered to your door for free.

Crowd Carnivore, the eldest child of Crowd Foundry‘s marketplace API, was founded by Zachary Sequoia and Dan Tarasenko who developed the platform in order to help share the farm-to-table, ethical eating experience with individuals and families in cities who’s options were limited.

“There is a shift in the the way people want to buy and eat their food. People want to know where their meat is coming from. We’re seeing more and more consumers looking for hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed, locally grown meat… and you just aren’t able to find that at the Big Two supermarkets. We wanted to make it easier for foodies in more urban areas to access such high quality meat, while keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.”

-Zachary Sequoia, co-founder

The Crowd Carnivore team started out with three basic principles that had to be met in order to launch the platform:

  • 1. It had to be beneficial to the farmer
  • 2. It had to be beneficial to the consumer
  • 3. It had to be beneficial to the planet

These principles literally guided the overall development of the company. Farmers receive more for their meat, consumers pay less for their food… and by cutting out the centralised distribution model of supermarkets, and the high-environmental impact of feed lots, the planet can breathe a little easier.

(You can read more about the founders in a blog post here.)

Crowdfunding just got tasty :)